Clogged Drain Pipe

Clogged Drain PipeSo what are the signs you are dealing with a clogged drain and need help with repairs?  There are several indicators that suggest that you may need a professional to do more than snake a drain to remove common clogs.  Here are the top ten reasons homeowners choose to call in a professional.

1. Water Pressure

If you have noticed a change in water pressure, or water flow while opening the tap for use you may have a clog or a break in your water line.

2. Solids

If you frequently, or have renters that frequently pour solid materials down the drain such as oil, plastic wrappers, peelings or any other solid that may cause a clog it is likely you are experiencing the consequences of a blockage due to solid materials in a drain pipe.

3. Water Damage

Walls, floors, or ceiling that show water damage or drainage stains can be solid indicators of a pipe clog or burst. Even wet landscape outdoors can indicate a main drain break indicating you may need professional help resolving your leak.

4. Lawn Issues

Lush grass pockets or lawn odor can be another sign of a main drain break under your yard.

5. Increasing Water Bill

High water bills that can not be explained could be the caused by a leak in your water pipes.

6. Chemical Damage

The use of chemical cleaners that are severely caustic can cause damage to your water pipes and cause leakage.

7. Bubbling

If you see or hear your toilet bubbling, you may have a problem with drain blockage.

8. Backed Up Water

If water backs up into your sink, shower, toilet you most likely have a clogged drain that would need professional attention.

9. Slow Draining Water

If water is draining slowly from your sink and/or shower, you will likely experience the inconvenience of a clogged drain pipe.

10. Water Puddles

If you find puddles of water on or near the sink, drain pipe, sewer drain main, near a cleanout valve you likely have a problem with a clog.

Now that you are prepared to look for tell-tale damage that represents the need for service with clogs and/or pipe breakage, the search begins for qualified professionals to do the job. Right Away Sewer and Drain Cleaning are exactly those professionals whose local reputation allows them to bring the best service to meet your needs.